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For each Bingo you complete, put your name in a drawing for one of the following Escape Kits:

Escape Kit #1 “Kindle Fire HD 7”
It is WIFI compatible, had 8 GB memory, front and back camera, Quad Core processor. Lots of options with this Escape Giveaway. Download your favorite books, games, check your email, view and edit Office documents. A really SUPER Prize from your Super LIBRARY!

Escape Kit #2 “4 Tickets for the Miami County Trolley Wine Tour”
Includes: Somerset Ridge Vineyard & Winery, White Wind Farms, Middle Creek Winery, and Nighthawk Vineyard & Winery. Expires July 31, 2016.

Escape Kit #3 “ $100 Amazon Gift Card”
Choose your own escape package, whether you use the Gift Card to buy books, movies, craft items, music, or just about anything you want off of amazon.com

Escape Kit #4 “New Theatre Restaurant Tickets for 2—Dinner and Show”
You and a friend can pick a show and a date (Sunday—Thursday) and escape to the newly remodeled New Theatre Restaurant.

Escape Kit #5 “Netherfield Natural Farm Bed & Breakfast for 2”
This escape to an area Bed & Breakfast, located just off of Hwy 7 and 2400 Rd, has 4 rooms named after the Vance Family, original owners of the farm. They settled here in 1865 and built this house in 1882. The Vance family owned the property until 1949. The current owners purchased it a few years ago and converted it into a Bed and Breakfast that is a self-sustaining place for visitors who are looking to have a rural agrarian experience on their vacation. It’s like “farm to table” but better — the table is right on the farm. This gift certificate is good for Dinner, Breakfast, & Lunch on the farm as well as your overnight stay in one of the beautifully decorated rooms.

READ A BOOK FROM A DIFFERENT GENRE—For example, if you usually read mystery, try a western or an inspirational or fantasy book. Title: ______________________________________________________________

ATTEND A PROGRAM AT THE LIBRARY—Look at the calendar and choose a program which you would like to attend.
Program attended: ___________________________________________________________________

CHECK OUT THE HOMETOWN HEROES CARD IN LIBRARY—How many of those 1970 heroes did you know? __________

WATCH A TRAVEL VIDEO—You can do this by checking one out (You might look at our Sentimental Journeys DVD) or watch one on YouTube. Title of Movie: ______________________________________________________________

READ LIBRARY NEWSLETTER—This is an easy one, it comes in the mail the first of the month, read it and highlight one thing that interests you and bring it to library and have a staff member initial this. _______________________

CHECK OUT A DVD FROM LIBRARY—We have over 2000 to choose from, check one out, take it home watch it and record the title here. __________________________________________________________________________

CHECK OUT A MAGAZINE FROM THE LIBRARY—We have about 90 to choose from. Check one out read it, and write the name of the magazine and date on this line. _____________________________________________________________

ATTEND A KANSAS HUMANITIES PROGRAM—We have one in June and if you attend Young Historians Hometown Teams presentation in July that would count also. Write program name: _______________________________________

DO THE LITERARY HEROES QUIZ—It is in your packet, bring completed sheet to librarian to mark this square off.

CRAFT TIME—Attend one of the Adult craft times this summer, or make a craft at home and bring it in and show the librarian and they will initial this. ______________________________________________________________

READ A BOOK FROM OUR “ESCAPE LIST”—list is in your packet, or if you read a book that is about an “escape” of some kind you can put that title here _______________________________________________________________________

LISTEN TO AN AUDIO BOOK—we have lots of audio books for you to choose from. Write title here _____________________________________________________________________________________________

READ A BOOK OF YOUR CHOICE—Write the title here: _____________________________________________________

DO SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF YOUR COMFORT LEVEL—Do something today that is outside your comfort level. Examples: Volunteer to help someone in need, introduce yourself to someone you don’t know, bake something you think is too hard to do, invite a friend over for coffee, have a family devotion or movie night, read an e-book instead of “real” paper book, investigate a new hobby, try something you’ve always wanted to like a different food, hairstyle, or outfit. Tell us what you did and how you felt afterward: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

TRY A NEW RECIPE FROM A COOKBOOK—We have lots of cookbooks in the 641.5 area, check one out, and try a new recipe. What recipe did you try and did you like it? _______________________________________________________________________________________________

VOLUNTEER TO HELP SERVE SUMMER LUNCH—Monday through Thursday from 11:15—11:45 we will be serving lunch to area children, starting June 8th. You can come in and volunteer to help by sitting and visiting with the kids while they’re eating and by reading or playing games with them. Date volunteered: ________________________________

USE A COMPUTER AT THE LIBRARY TO LOOK UP INFORMATION—You can look up the location of a book on our card catalog, use Google to research something, visit the State Library website for an auto repair question. Date you used the computer and what you researched. ____________________________________________________________________

READ A NON-FICTION BOOK—Pick any of our non fiction books and read. Title: _________________________________

READ A BOOK TO A CHILD ABOUT A HERO—This could be done during your volunteer time, when the grandkids come over, or to your own child. The hero could be make-believe, an animal hero, or a famous person story. Title of book:

USE A LIBRARY E-RESOURCE—We have a lot of E-Resources available—you might sign up for freegal music or movies, you might access Ancestry or Fold3. You might log onto kslib.info and access one of the databases there like Heritage Quest, the Audio/ebook selections…There’s lots to choose from. ___________________________________________

READ A BOOK OF YOUR CHOICE—Write the title here: ____________________________________________________

VISIT THE MUSEUM AND SEE HOMETOWN TEAMS DISPLAY—The library and museum are partners in the Hometown Teams Grant, check out early and current La Cygne sports history. Have the person at museum initial this square and date it. _____________________________________________________________________________________

CHECK OUT PHIL DIXON’S “BUCK O’NEIL BOOK”—Read this book this summer and plan to participate in the Hometown Teams book discussion in November. Date read book _________________________________________________

SIMPLE PLEASURE—Check out the sheet in your packet and choose one of the simple pleasures to do and DO IT TODAY! Which did you choose? ______________________________________________________________________________

READ A NEWSPAPER AT THE LIBRARY—Come in and read the local newspapers, the Kansas City paper or USA Today and write the date you did it. _____________________________________________________________________________



2017-09-28 City-wide Cheese Shortage Reaches Day Ten

All throughout town, cheese has been hard to come by. Local dairies are incapable of meeting the public's demand for gouda, cheddar and mozzarella. If someone doesn't step in with a plan soon, several local pizza shops will go out of business!


2017-10-05 Kids Report Rise in Super Powers

Local children are reporting an increase in super powers. Authorities have solicited the help of the local library.

Any children manifesting strange abilities should report to the library immediately for a full list of fun and exciting books to read and activities to do that will help them develop into full-fledged superheroes!


2017-10-09 Superhero Appreciation Day

Superheroes really are fantastic. Have you hi-fived your friendly neighborhood superhero today? If not, be sure to give him or her a big thumbs up and tell them how thankful you are for all the amazing feats he or she does on behalf of your community!


2017-10-15 B.L.O.B Opens Newest Chapter in Town

The internationally renowned organization known as B.L.O.B. has opened an office here in town. There's no immediate word as to their plans for our city.

When asked to comment, their representatives declined to be interviewed. They simply laughed a sinister laugh and hung up the phone. Stay tuned for more details.


2017-10-25 B.L.O.B. Buys Local Fort

A local organization, the B.L.O.B. is slated to purchase a nearby warehouse on this date. Concerned citizens should read up on the details of their purchase.