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NOTE: Only books started after registering for Summer Reading Club count toward your minutes logged and challenges completed.

Throughout the summer, enter the books you’re reading and how much time you’ve spent reading them. For every 120 minutes of reading up to 20 hours, you’ll be notified that you’ve won a raffle ticket. (FYI, if you get more than 5 raffle tickets in a day, we’re going to think something is fishy, so be honest!). After 20 hours is when the real challenge starts! With your raffle tickets, you’ll choose which prize pack you want to try to win:

  • MARVEL – Win a bag of Marvel-themed merchandise. Who doesn’t want a dancing Groot???
  • DC – You prefer the Justice League to the Avengers? Win your own Batman plus other DC-themed merch.
  • GAMERS– If you like to throw yourself into the hero world, you’ll win a superhero themed tabletop game and a gift card to Game Stop.
  • BOOKS – Of course! We’ll select five books with the hero theme for you to enjoy, and you might find some other surprises in there, too!
When you reach 500 minutes of reading, you win a book!
When you reach 1000 minutes of reading, you get an invitation to the end-of-summer party!
But wait! There’s more! This summer, we’re introducing challenges that will give you more chances to win the prize of your choice. There’s no telling what you might have to do! [Insert villainous laugh here]