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Welcome to Read to the Rhythm 2015!

This program is meant for those kids who are reading on their own.

Read ALL THE TIME and remember to record your minutes. The computer will let you know when you are eligible for a prize. You do not need to review every book you read, just if you choose to do so.

The goal for this program is to read 1000 minutes! That is a lot of minutes! There are other prizes if you read 1600 and 2100 minutes, but be sure to have fun along the way!

Be sure to check out the calendar of events and visit the library for these great events!



2017-09-28 Gray Paint Out of Stock

Gray paint has gone missing all over the city. It's a bit of a mystery who is purchasing it. If you have any information, please contact your local library, the authorities, or a hardware store.


2017-09-29 Robot Appreciation Day

Robots really are fantastic. Have you hugged your friendly neighborhood robot today? If not, be sure to give him a squeeze and tell him how thankful you are for all the robotic goodness he brings to your daily life.


2017-10-05 Kids Report Boredom is on the Rise

Local children are reporting an increase in boredom. Authorities have solicited the help of the local library.

Any bored children should report to the library immediately for a full list of fun and exciting books to read and activities to do!


2017-10-15 B.L.O.B Opens Newest Chapter in Town

The internationally renowned organization known as B.L.O.B. has opened an office here in town. There's no immediate word as to their plans for our city.

When asked to comment, their representatives declined to be interviewed. They simply laughed a sinister laugh and hung up the phone. Stay tuned for more details.


2017-10-25 B.L.O.B. Buys Warehouse

A local organization, the B.L.O.B. is slated to purchase a nearby warehouse on this date. Concerned citizens should read up on the details of their purchase.