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Summer Readers Assemble! Can you leap over a tall pile of books in a single bound? Do your Spidey senses tingle when a new title in your favorite series is released? Or are you still trying to figure out how to use your reading superpowers for good? Either way, the Teen Summer Reading Club is a great way to keep the world safe from illiteracy, as well as just have some fun. Club members (ages 13+) can participate on paper or online, and this year there are two different ways to get involved:

League of Extraordinary Readers: Just like previous years, club members can read as many books as they wish (and, yup, those ones you have to read for school count) and then submit an easy fill-in-the blank review form. Clubbers who submit 4 review forms will be invited to our Fantastic Four Movie Screening & Pizza Party!

Mission Possible: Club members complete simple super-secret missions by playing superhero games and/or quizzes and submit their answers to the library (either online or in person). All participants get to choose a free comic, when they visit the library, for each mission completed. Complete as many missions as you like to earn as many comics as you can!

For more Summer Reading Club info call the library at 516-785-2990